Elf of the Forest: Best White Mesh Contacts

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Elf, the creature originated from everlasting Norse mythology, is a long-lived race commonly found in forest, scrublands and other wildernesses, is the icon of fantasy fiction genre, as well as one of the most popular themes for cosplayer. And young yet talented cosplayer @_pastelpanda shares her Elf of the Forest look with WhereColour Best White Mesh Contacts.


Elves had a number of abilities that set them apart from other humanoid races. They usually have white skin and pointy ears, always endowed with elegance and uncommon beauty, they are also more preternaturally aware of their surroundings, as well as possessing better common sense.


@_pastelpanda’s elf look is clam, serene and seems like difficult to be surprised, her green hair is the symbol of forest, her red cheek indicates the innocent curiosity. Yet with greater spiritual powers, keener senses, and a closer empathy with nature, she is truly a fierce warrior on the side of good when faced with danger.


To present and underline the mystery of elf, @_pastelpanda finished her elf look with WhereColour Best White Mesh Contacts. This special mesh style is the perfect middle-ground between blind effect lenses and other garish cosplay contacts, you can still see some pale light with them on. These freaky contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear, so add them to your cart and be free to create your own creature!